How to Know When Your Car Battery Needs Replacing

Car Battery with Tools


Most Lincoln drivers have a lot on their to-do lists and don’t have patience for car trouble. That’s why it’s important to know the signs that you need a new car battery. Replacing your car battery when it’s time can keep you from being stranded on Omaha roads. Auto manufacturers typically suggest replacing your car battery approximately every four to five years. But, some weather conditions might cause your car battery to wear out faster. 

How do you know when your car battery needs replacing? Read on to learn some signs your car battery is dying, and when it’s time for a new one, contact us at Sid Dillon Nissan.

Signs That You Need a New Car Battery

There are several signs that your car battery is dying as you drive around Beatrice, such as: 

  • It’s becoming harder to start your car engine
  • Frequently needing to jump-start your car
  • Headlights are dimmer than they should be
  • You’re experiencing Irregular power fluctuations

What Makes Car Batteries Die?

All car batteries eventually deteriorate, but these things can cause a car battery to deteriorate faster: 

  • Severe Weather: Extreme temperature fluctuations can damage your car battery. During severe heat, the liquids in your battery evaporate more quickly, and during cold weather, your battery can lose its charge. 
  • Road Vibrations: Driving often on rough roads in Kearny can loosen the battery clamps or cause some internal battery parts to wear out faster. 
  • Time: Everything is temporary, including car batteries. Regular wear and tear will cause your car battery to need replacing eventually. 
  • Frequent Jump Starts: If you keep needing to jump-start your car, it will reduce its battery life. Remember to turn off your headlights when you’re done driving and to conserve battery power when possible.

Feel free to contact the service center or parts department to get a quote on battery replacement at Sid Dillon Nissan. 

How to Test a Car Battery

Testing your car battery requires a special tool. The next time you bring your vehicle in for routine service at Sid Dillon Nissan near Kearny, we can test it for you. Schedule a service appointment today if you need your car battery tested and can’t wait until a regular maintenance visit.

Sid Dillon Nissan is Available To Help! 

Now that we’ve covered how to know when your car battery needs replacing, reach out to us if you need assistance. You can order auto parts and accessories online or at the dealership. Check out our service specials and contact us today!

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