Synthetic Oil vs. Regular Oil: What’s the Difference?

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At the Sid Dillon Nissan service center, near Omaha, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the automotive maintenance and service expertise needed. If you’ve been scratching your head and wondering “what’s the difference between synthetic vs. regular oil” then it’s time to find out! So what’s the difference between synthetic vs. regular oil? Learn more when you check out our helpful service guide, and also take a look at our selection of service specials for additional ways to save.

What is Conventional Oil?

Conventional oil, also known as regular oil, is a petroleum-based product that has been used in internal combustion engines for many years. This oil provides lubrication to the internal moving parts as well as reduces wear on the engine. Motor oil such as conventional oil is crude oil that’s mined from the ground. Oil also helps protect your vehicle’s engine from high temperatures.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is also petroleum based, like regular oil, but it provides an enhanced lubricant with more stability. Synthetic oil oxidizes less easily than conventional oils as well, and are better at retaining protective properties. This type of oil is typically more expensive since it’s chemically developed from petrochemicals that make them superior.

Synthetic oils also:

  • Are less viscous at lower temperatures
  • Offer enhanced engine cleaning properties
  • Better protect critical turbocharger parts (when equipped)

How Do Full Synthetic vs. Synthetic Blends Differ?

So what’s the difference between synthetic and synthetic blends? Synthetic blends are made up of part synthetic oil and part conventional oil, which helps reduce the cost overall vs. choosing a full synthetic oil.

It’s also important to note that some vehicles require a full synthetic oil to be used. To be sure about which oil type your vehicle uses, check your owner’s manual or contact our service team to learn more.

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When it comes time for you to schedule a service appointment, make sure that Sid Dillon Nissan is on your mind. We make it easier than ever for Beatrice and Kearny drivers to make sure that they’re not only getting the right oil, but also able to get all of their other vital service needs taken care of.

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