How to Take Care of Your Tires

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Tires play a key role in your car’s ride quality, handling, and safety, so learning how to take care of your tires in Omaha can help you maximize your performance. And luckily, learning how to keep your tires healthy takes only minimal time and effort. Let’s take a look at the top tire care tips from our service department, and be sure to visit Sid Dillon Nissan for all of your automotive needs!

Tire Care Tips

  • Check Your Air Pressure: Your tires function the best when inflated to the right level, but tires can lose up to 1 PSI per month! Use a tire gauge monthly to check your tire pressure and add more air when needed. Your owner’s manual will tell you the right air pressure level if you can’t remember.
  • Inspect Your Tires: Learning how to keep your tires healthy doesn’t take a lot of time. A quick visual inspection can catch any noticeable issues, like embedded nails and cuts. Catching these issues early can prevent a costly repair.
  • Align Your Tires: Your tires must be properly aligned to roll smoothly and evenly on the Beatrice roads, so don’t skip out on those regular tire alignments. This can prevent excess wear and tear.
  • Balance and Alignment: Different tires receive different amounts of stress during cornering, acceleration, and braking. A tire rotation will ensure that this stress is distributed evenly, which can prolong the life of your set. Additionally, a professional tire balance will help you get the best ride quality possible by helping your wheels roll more efficiently.
  • Drive Carefully: Finally, be honest about your driving habits. If you love driving fast and cornering fast around Kearny, keep in mind that this can cause extra friction that can wear down your tires faster. Moderate driving is easier on your tires, but either way, be sure to keep up with your inspections and maintenance!

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